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    Connection Issues

      I have Adobe Contribute CS3 v4.1
      I completed updates on the product today.

      It was working for me two days agao.

      When I go through the normal process I follow to login at the first stage it pops up with a box that says;

      Internet Explorer Script Error

      As error has ooccurred in the script on this page.

      Line 132
      Char 106
      Error Unterminated string constant
      Code 0
      URL http (my website)

      I then click Yes when prompted to do so,

      The next box pops up and has the same heading

      Line 135
      Char 1
      Error '_gat' is undefined
      Code 0
      URL http (my website)

      again I click Yes

      I then come through to my normal screen that is typically waiting for me to EDIT it, and it says :-

      You are viewing a page on a website that you haven't created a connection to.

      Do you have any suggestions?