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    Map Paragraph and Character Styles

    Trevorׅ Adobe Community Professional

      Hello all,


      I am trying to import Word documents based on the Word Import Preset documents.

      Here's an example smp document

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
      <Sangam-Import-Preset reader-type="Word/RTF">
          <!--Style mappings take the form of key-value pairs consisting of:
      style-name: Source document's style name, for example RTF style name.
      This attribute is mandatory and the value cannot be an empty string.
      mapped-to: Target InDesign document's style name. 
      This attribute is mandatory but can take an empty string as its value.-->
                  <Mapping style-name="Body Text" mapped-to="Body 2" />
                  <Mapping style-name="Heading 1" mapped-to="Heading 1" />
                  <Mapping style-name="Normal" mapped-to="Normal 2" />
                  <Mapping style-name="Hyperlink" mapped-to="Hyp" />
          <!--Each Import Preference has two mandatory attributes:
      name: Name of the preference (cannot be an empty string).
      value:Value of the preference (cannot be an empty string).
      For boolean preferences, type 0 for false and 1 for true.-->
              <Preference name="import-toc" value="1" />
              <Preference name="import-index" value="1" />
              <Preference name="import-hyperlink" value="1" />
              <Preference name="import-tables" value="1" />
              <Preference name="import-footnotes" value="1" />
              <Preference name="import-endnotes" value="1" />
              <Preference name="import-track-changes" value="1" />
              <Preference name="import-preserve-graphics" value="1" />
              <Preference name="spacing" value="1" />
              <Preference name="break-before-para" value="0" />
              <Preference name="use-typographers-quotes" value="1" />
              <Preference name="convert-tables-to" value="0" />
              <Preference name="remove-formatting" value="0" />
              <Preference name="dont-strip-char-formatting" value="0" />
              <Preference name="bring-unused-styles" value="0" />
              <Preference name="para-style-clash-option" value="0" />
              <Preference name="char-style-clash-option" value="0" />
              <Preference name="use-style-mappings" value="1" />
              <Preference name="convert-BN-to-text" value="0" />


      Everything should be easy to set in the WordRTFImportPreference except for the mappings.

      I tried using app.activeDocument. paraStyleMappings.add("Normal","Normal 2",   MapType.STYLE_MAPPING_RULE) after setting app.generalPreferences.mapStylesOnContentPlace = true

      Doesn't work . I suspect the mappings are only good for XML placements and not Word ones, in which case I guess the way to do it would be to us changeText() on the styles.  This is not a great solution as the changes would be done after placement unlike when using the UI before the placement.


      Has anyone done this or got any ideas?