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    Importing XLS contents into gazillion text frames

    john_problem Level 1


      I have a huge leaflet with around 4000 different text frames (names, descriptions, prices of different products), and I need to translate it into couple different languages. I have translations in the XLS file, so I figured out I can import it and mass replace the content of the text frames. I did sth similar in Photoshop once, but it seems much more complicated in Indesign. So I need help:

      1. In Photoshop, from what I remember, you just define that that particular text field is 'named' for example 'TXT_VAR_1', and the other one is 'TXT_VAR_2', and than you can replace the content with data sets. But in Indesign there doesn't seem to be a way to 'name' a text field, am I right? So how do you define it?
      2. Also, I've read that data sets are replaced with data merge, but it works in a different way. For example in Photoshop my file that I imported look like that:
           TXT_VAR_1, TXT_VAR_2, TXT_VAR_3...
           sth1_in_en, sth2_in_en, sth3_in_en...
           sth1_in_pl, sth2_in_pl, sth3_in_pl...
        The first row are the names of the variables, the second are the contents in English, the third one in Polish, and so on. And those rows turn into data sets, which I can easily change. Is it possible to do it the same in Indesign?
      3. What about the pages/spreads. Do they limit the data merge? What I mean - can I mass replace the contents in the entire document, or just on one spread?