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      I use <cfwddx> to create a wddxRecordSet (or a Javascript set). One of the properties associated with this object is getField(row, col), a function that allows me to get access to a particular data point in the recordset. The official CF documentation has an example for this function, http://www.co.multnomah.or.us/cfdocs/CFML_Reference/WDDX4.html. Is anyone familiar with this function? If so, how do you define the colNames in the loop? There is another function, getRowcount(), that allows me to find the number of rows in the recordset, but I don't see how colNames is defined.
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          I see what you mean. The colNames variable in the documentation looks undefined. Poor documentation, if you ask me.

          All is not lost. I have created the following example using the cfdocexamples database that ships with Coldfusion 8.