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    flex sdk or flexbuilder

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      To learn flex, should I download flex sdk or flex builder?

      In a nutshell, how are they used diferently?


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          Gregory Lafrance Level 6
          FlexBuilder has a UI and is an IDE (integrated development environment), with a debugger, a Design Mode (which I NEVER use) but designers probably use.

          With the SDK you just create apps in text files, and then compile from the command line. If you want your Flex development to be painful, use just the SDK. If you want to be productive, use FlexBuilder.

          I'm sure there are some who are productive with just the SDK, but in general you are better off with FB.
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            Sounds great. I downloaded the SDK, so if I want to use Flex Builder, should I delete the SDK and never worry about it again?

            I had installation difficulty with it anyway.
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              Gregory Lafrance Level 6
              Well, the SDK is free but you have to buy FB (trial version is free). Installing FB installs the SDK within its install folder structure, so you should probably uninstall the SDK then install FB.
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                FB has 60-day free trial :D Im aiming to get my app done within those 60days hehehe
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                  okay, i will delete the flex sdk zip i downloaded, which i never installed. I couldn't find a setup file/.exe for it???????, which is the reason i got frustrated with it. IT IS NOT EVEN IN MY REMOVE PROGRAMS LIST! since i am using vista, i had to change some environment variables around. will this effect the flex builder install?

                  is flex builder easier to install?

                  the 60 day trial sounds motivating.
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                    robbyk87 Level 1
                    dead easy! jsut normal installation of a program - then u open u flex builder exe (as you would if opening flash etc). Then start a new project.

                    Plenty of getting started guides in the help section on the actual program too.

                    Good luck with it!

                    (P.S got the 60-day trial of it about 2 weeks ago - nearly finished my site now - maybe 2/3 - hehe)
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                      injpix Level 3
                      Also look into jEdit and FlashDevelop for developing Flex applications. I haven't used neither, so I can't tell you how they are.
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                        Do you mean maybe use jEdit or FlashDevelop instead of Flex Builder?

                        I looked into them and jEdit is released as free software with full source code a little friendlier than the pure command-line environment the basic SDK gives you, but definitely not quite as friendly as Flex Builder.

                        I found that FlashDevelop (which is popular ,free, and open source) now has probably the best AS3 support of any tool out there, other than Flex Builder. Also, you need to check the paths in the templates in order for project to compile. That sounds like difficult installation, LIKE THE FLEX SDK WAS FOR ME.

                        I guess these are options to avoid the trial of flex builder, financial, or preference situations.

                        It seems like jEdit would be easier if I were to go the alternative route.