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    Set all text frame object style to [None]?

    neal derekl34934377 Level 1

      Attempting to add a line of code to the below jsx to apply “none” to all text frames within a document, while not affecting their present styling.


      The below resulted in “None” in the Extend Script console (also tried “[None]”), but doesn’t affect Indesign text frames whatsoever.


      Also tried searching the Jongware index to no avail.



      Thanks for any leads on this matter.







      var doc = app.documents[0];  
      var allTextContainers = [];  
      var allStories = doc.stories.everyItem().getElements();  
      var allStoriesLength = allStories.length;  
      for(var n=0;n<allStoriesLength;n++)  
          allTextContainers = allTextContainers.concat( allStories[n].textContainers );  
      var allTextContainersLength = allTextContainers.length;  
      for(var n=0;n<allTextContainersLength;n++)  
          if( allTextContainers[n].constructor.name == "TextPath" ){ continue };  
          allTextContainers[n].textFramePreferences.autoSizingType = AutoSizingTypeEnum.OFF;  
      allTextContainers[n].textFramePreferences.useFixedColumnWidth = false;
      allTextContainers[n].appliedObjectStyle = "None";





      Syntax needed to set all txt frame object styles to [None].

      Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at 10.42.24.png