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    Debugging InDesign script in ExtendScript

    RGPatt Level 1

      I am trying to learn to script InDesign CC 2018 with javascript.  I used to do this routinely in After Effects, but it has been years.  I am starting with a sample script SelectObjects.jsx.  It runs fine when I invoke from the scripts panel.  If I make a copy of it and save it with a different name so that it shows up in the User portion of the scripts panel, it still runs fine.  When I open it in ExtendScript Toolkit CC version 4.0.01, I can edit it, but I cannot run it because it get an error on the very first line of the script saying UserInteractionLevels is undefined.  If I set breakpoints in ExtendScript and run it from the Scripts panel, it does not stop on the breakpoints.  Right now I just want to step through the script and watch the variables, but how do I debug a script in ExtendScript?  What I am missing?