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    Thumbnails not showing after saving .jpeg/.png++ from Photoshop CC


      Ok, so this is an old problem that I see has been around for some time, with no clear solution. Adobe blaming Apple and so on....

      Now I have a Macbook Pro with OS Sierra, with both Photoshop CS5.1 and now Photoshop CC. It wasn't until I started using Ps CC that this problem occurred, when I started saving .jpegs from the new Ps, and it even removes thumbnails from old ps documents made from the old one!. The old one still is able to export the jpegs just fine, with thumbnails. The old version enables you to check of either the thumbnail button or the icon button, but the CC version doesn't give you this option, which seemed to fix the problem for others having the same issue.

      Does anyone have a solution to this????