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    How do you split a story by chapter?


      Is there software/scripts that works in CC, that will split a story where indicated (rather than every page). I want to split all the chapters into separate text flows.


      I have a 200 page book, with 25 chapters in one Indesign document. The publisher wants the final file provided as individual Indesign files for each chapter. Does anybody have advice?


      I don't want to work with 25 files from the beginning (booked), as this is time consuming.


      I have tried MOVING one chapter at a time to a new file, but the inside and outside margins are different sizes, and when you move the pages, only half move to the correct position, the other half have reversed the inside and outside margins, and are sitting outside the text box.


      So far the only method that has worked, is to resave the file, and remove everything except the chapter that you want. But it takes a while - and there are 25 to do.  Help!