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    Is there a better way? (circular name list)

    Andy_Baz Level 2

      [image removed on request of the poster]

      Im producing artwork for a client of mine that has lists of names as per attached image above created in inDesign.


      Currently i create a circle for each row of names then type or paste the names onto the frames using 'type on path' and then over flow it onto each smaller circle until filled top to bottom and pull each circle's type on path text frame edges in to the correct alignment position as per the dividing line.


      This forms one segment of a much larger piece that can have as many as 5-8 of these segments and can contain thousands of names when finishe (see second attached image below), as you can imagine having lots of layers and each layer having lots of circles of names can get confusing and difficult to select each frame as and when needed.


      So i ask 'is there a better way' to do this.... The solution doesn't have to be solely inDesign as i have all CC apps if needed. Ideally the segments text need be easily editable as positioning of the names can change during the proofing process.