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    InDesign 2018 Screen Goes Blank Suddenly


      My user is experiencing issues when they are working in InDesign 2018. When working in InDesign after the application has been open for greater than 4hrs, the application will suddenly make the workspace blank white within InDesign. I upgraded their video card to a GeForce 1030 and updated their RAM to 16GB which I know is way more than enough to run InDesign. The screen still blanks out and does not show the content of what they are working on. My user then has to save and close the application to get their content to appear in the InDesign workspace window. I have provided two images to demonstrate what is happening. I will be clearing the preferences to see if that solves the issue. I am just trying to figure out what is causing this issue. I know there are issues with InDesign 2018.image002 (002).jpg

      I blocked out proprietary content in the image above. This is not part of the issue. The image below is what my user is seeing:

      image001 (002).jpg

      Thank you for any help! I have not found any forums posts on this issue.