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    Illustrator placement Integration corrupt

    Tinman1028 Level 1

      Hey everyone!


      So I am surprised I have not found answers to this problem since it came out of nowhere! I am hoping I overlooked an answer and this will be resolved.

      I use Indesign and Illustrator daily (hourly). When I present my Illustrator work -often on may artboards- I select the artboard I want to place and do that for all my artboards. This saves me time and is great because when I updates my artboards my file auto updates from my Illustrator file. I am sure many of you do this as well.


      The other day while working on a large presentation I went to Place an AI document with many artboards but to my surprise the file only showed 1 option. It was also unreadable (it had gibberish on it). To remedy this I simply saved the file as a PDF. However, I really would like this function back since it saves me some time.


      I tried placing old files that I knew worked in the past and they worked fine. New files do not.