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    Skype Broadcast broken with Flash player


      Since updating to Flash player our Windows 7 PC's are no longer able to view Skype Broadcast events.  Reverting the PC back to an older Flash version resolves the issue.  Though as you can imagine this is not a path we want to take for multiple reasons.


      We've already opened a premier support case with Microsoft about this issue.  They've confirmed this is a Flash issue, but claim they have no way of interfacing with Adobe directly and asked us to open a case with Adobe.  Since I was unable to find a way to open a support case with Adobe I'm posting this here in hopes that someone from Adobe can assist.  I have contact info for Microsoft engineers who worked with us on this issue whom are ready to work with Adobe if needed.  Likewise if someone from Adobe can provide me a non public method of communication I can share a link to a broadcast so you can see the issue yourself.  I've already tried the EnableInsecureByteArrayShareable and EnableInsecureByteArrayShareableDomain options outlined in Flash 30 release notes with no changes in the behavior.   


      The issue we see is the video never starts.  We just get a spinning wheel as shown in the below screenshot.  This only occurs on Windows 7 with Flash in the IE (11) browser.  Chrome 67.0.3396.87 works fine (currently at least).  Windows 10 is also currently working fine.


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