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    Delete multiple Em Spaces not working when called outside InDesign

    NicoGallegos Level 1

      Hello! , I'm having an issue with a particular grep expression that doesn't seem to work when I try to execute via an external call, but id does work fine whenever I execute inside InDesign.


      My script aims to delete multiple em spaces and replaces them with a normal space.


      function deleteDoubleEmSpaces() {
          //var doc = app.activeDocument;    
          var doc = app.documents.itemByID(iddoc);
          findChangeGrep("~>{2,}"," ","","","","");
      function findChangeGrep(findWhat, changeTo, findStyle, changeStyle, findChrStyle, changeChrStyle) {
          var doc = app.documents.itemByID(iddoc);
          //var doc = app.activeDocument;
          try {
              app.findGrepPreferences.findWhat = findWhat;
              app.changeGrepPreferences.changeTo = changeTo;
              if (findStyle) app.findGrepPreferences.appliedParagraphStyle = findStyle;
              if (changeStyle) app.changeGrepPreferences.appliedParagraphStyle = changeStyle;
          } catch (e) {}
          app.findGrepPreferences = app.changeGrepPreferences = NothingEnum.nothing;

      If I run this via the script console from InDesign, it works ok. The regex seems to work fine in the find and change menu. I have other scripts that are called in the same way, and work fine. 

      Also, I have used this findChangeGrep() with a simplified grep, and also works.

      My guess is that I have to call the em spaces different, but I can't find how. I have tried things like \\~\\>{2,} ; \\~>{2, }, but nothing seems to works.


      The execution of this script is being made via C# , with a indd.DoScript() method, where indd is an instance of my Indesign App.


      Any clues on where is the mistake? Thanks!