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    Text wrap probs with illu graphic containing image

    Jay Maechtlen Level 1

      Am in CC on Win 7.

      In my ID doc, placing various Illustrator graphics.

      Some of those graphics have images and vector art.

      ID's wrap/detect edges isn't working for me - ID finds some edges, misses others.

      I added a filled object to the bottom layer of the Illustrator doc and edited shape for ID to wrap around, gave it a white fill - that isn't seen.

      Changed fill to 250, 250, 250 - still is not seen reliably.


      So - is it color mode, or what, is needed for ID to reliably see edges in an Illustrator graphic and wrap text?

      The biggest problems seem to be in the areas of white background of the embedded image.

      - yeah, I should prob use transparency in the image. But still - why the <bleep> won't ID wrap around these filled vectors in the Illu graphic?