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    Best programs for combining video and images


      HI there. Can anyone advise which is the best Adobe programs to use if I want to combine Indesign Artwork together with drone footage or other images etc. I was thinking perhaps Premiere Pro? Its for a promo television that will just display looped mp4 type files. Any advice would be appreciated.

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          Abambo Adobe Community Professional

          FIlm: Premiere Pro together with After Effects.


          After Effects is a "special effect" program, Premiere Pro is a film editing system, even that the uses and possibilities are floating.


          Indesign is not really a program for creating Artwork for film use. Graphs and data can be prepared by Indesign, Illustrator and Photoshop and animated one or the other way by After Effects and Premiere Pro.


          Just to say: if you do not know film editing, you will need to invest some time in learning Premiere and After Effects as film is quite different from paper.

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            Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

            It depends on your final output. For example you could produce an InDesign document that contains text and images and it could include a short video (that maybe you've edited in another application, such as Premiere) or a hyperlink to, say, a YouTube video, and then use InDesign Publish Online to produce a document that can be viewed and played on any device – smart phone, tablet and computer – that has a browser that can view HTML5.


            (Disadvantage, you can't host or monetise it.)


            This online video tutorial will teach you how to do it (you can get 30-days free):

            InDesign: Publish Online

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