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    display redraw fails when calling script from extension

    davidh32282888 Level 1

      Hi all,


      I created a script that later is supposed to be called from an extension which has a user interface. The script itself works just fine, when executing it from ExtendScript Toolkit the screen updates as intended, but when executing it from the extension interface in InDesign screen updating won't work.

      The screen update is initiated by

      app.scriptPreferences.enableRedraw = true; 


      The code is all jsx, the interface is a little javascript, HTML and CSS.


      I know that in terms of performance a redraw might not be best but since the script takes very long it would be great fpr the user to actually see something happen.


      Maybe some of you have had similar issues or can explain the differences between executing a script from ExtendScript Toolkit and an extension.

      I'm thankful for any help.


      Thanks in and advance and regards