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    WordsFlow - how do I get rid of it?

    steveg87687011 Level 1

      Hi all

      I recently installed a trial version of WordsFlow to see how it handled imported live data from Excel.

      It works very well, but I don't wish to purchase the program. I have a week or so free trial left.


      Now I'm faced with an issue.


      I would like to carry on importing data from Excel in the manner in which I always have - file place (Create links when Placing Text and Spreadsheet Files ticked).


      The trouble is that every instance of imported data (using WordsFlow or not carries the WordsFlow logo).


      What is going to happen to this data once the WordsFlow trial expires, does anyone know?


      I'd like to delete the plugin from my system - I could find no way to do so.

      I downloaded Adobe Extension Manager - but it won't install, returning an error.

      I downloaded a 3rd party Extension Manager - WordsFlow is not listed in its interface.


      I spent 3 hours online talking to Adobe Customer support - pointless.


      As a last resort I deleted the Em Software (WordsFlow) plugin sub folder from the InDesign Plug-Ins folder - InDesign just crashes.
      Help, does anyone have experience/a solution to this please?


      I'm reluctant to re-install InDesign, but is it the only option?