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    InDesign Packages on Win Server and Fonts folder


      I am having a problem with InDesign Packages being saved from a Mac to a Win server. This is our standard workflow and we wish to retain that workflow.

      Problem being... if a mistake is found in a file we may need to delete the InDesign created package from the server. The problem is that the fonts folder always has an adobefnt. file in it that cannot be deleted. Sometime we are able to delete the next day but that is not always the case. I workaround has been to create a new package with a different name. Easy enough but then we have multiple versions of this package on the server which gets confusing.


      Anyone else run into this issue and resolve it? Also open to ideas. This is a corporate environment so we are very limited on options from a server standpoint (like say being granted admin perms... not going to happen).


      Thank you for any help