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    local connection

      i want to connect my windowedapplicationA to windowedapplicationB using local connection..
      but i have error when i click button at windowedapplicationA to make connected to windowedapplicationB.
      the error sounds like this: Error #2044: Unhandled StatusEvent:. level=error, code=

      can anybody tell me what's the prob..
      thank you.
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          anyone know...
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            when i struggle to find the solution of this problem..
            i can see a lots of people also face the same problem..
            a lot of solution suggested by th experts and no guarantees that it can solve the problem..
            why not just adobe flex make some proper video and proper notes to overcome this solution.
            the problem occurs when the users study through their note and video also..

            i am sure that the video and note handled by adobe flex about this problem can make the user like me shining and be the happy person in the world..

            yes. flex is best!