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    Does anyone know how to write a GREP to create hyperlinked text

    generalyao Level 1

      I have a long word document with hyperlinked text and I'm looking for an automated way to create the hyperliked texts in InDesign.

      For example:


      Here are some suggestions from the Wisconsin Water Librarians, but feel free to swap out with your own or visit our subject specific reading list: Water Birds (https://waterlibrary.aqua.wisc.edu/wp-content/uploads/waterfowl_aug16.pdf).


      The words "Water Birds" should be the hyperlinked to the URL follwing it. 


      Any ideas? I can figure out how to isolate and change the type style of the hyperlink, but other than cutting and pasting into the interactive menu, I can't figure out a way to transfer the links. Thanks!