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    Be consitant

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      Can we have the same data type wizards as with Dreamweaver (php/MySQL -
      .Net/SQL Server):
      Dynamic data: I think this is well covered with the datagrid.
      Repeated region: This is tricky when connecting to a dataset in Flex 3.
      Dtagrid Paging and hiding and showing of regions for first and last page? This
      paging feature is worth having.
      Recordset Navigation bars, for pages with records - not datagrid.
      Recordset navigation Status.
      Master-Datail page set - covered by advanced Grid?
      Insert record - Already covered by data application wizard (well done!)
      Record updating - Already covered by data application wizard in Datagrid, but
      not by means of a form where the recordset may have 30 fields, and cannot be
      done in a datagrid.
      Delete record - Already covered by data application wizard using datagrid
      (well done!)
      User Authentication - This is a very much needed feature set:
      Log in User - ????
      Log out User - ????
      Restrict Access To Page - ????
      Check New Username - ????

      I think these features will be used by 80% of developers out there doing
      extranets or database driven solutions.

      Shaun O'Reilly