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    Encoding H264 video

    rockdeman Community Member
      Hello, all,

      I have been trying to write a proof-of-concept application: a simple video player that plays a H264 video.
      Everything works fine when I feed the player a .FLV file, but H264 doesnt do anything.
      My test device is a Nokia N95 8GB.
      1) If I am correct then the N95 can play H264 files right?
      2) Am I encoding the video wrong? Tried Quicktime export 3ggp, 'mpeg4', and tried Adobe Media Encoder etc. What are the correct settings?
      3) any other reason why it wont play?


      update: I do get an error message "Problem with content: 4"
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          mucatron Community Member
          Hi rockdeman,

          To use the h.264 codec you should cannot current use FLV as the wrapper. Flash Lite does come with support for playback using on-device codecs as well so you can use the native format with some limitations.

          You can play back mp4 files using simple http progressive download, or use rtsp and 3gp to stream a video encoded in h.264.


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            rockdeman Community Member
            Hi Mark,

            thanks for your answer. I tried H264 inside a MPEG4 container, not F4V. Also I tried 3GGP using the presets from Adobe Media Encoder. Both did not work. Is there a reference / sample project with .mp4 video assets available?

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              i think what he is trying to say is this. you are creating a flash lite project to work on a nokia n95. Flash lite does not support video, so your only option is to link to the video and stream it over http or rtsp