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    Premiere pro crashing when importing clips


      Ive had a couple different clips, of different file types cause me to crash a few seconds after I import them, ive had a couple that work though?


      The main thing im trying to import currently is a gif, and ive tryed it in gif form and converted it to mp4 and both crash me. Yet another mp4 i have doesnt??


      I am on the most recent update


      I have cleared preferences and whatever cache i forget what its called


      Somtimes it doesnt crash until i put it into the timeline, somtimes it doesnt crash for a couple seconds after i put it into the timeline, or until i try to make changes to it.


      There is no crash log in C:\Users\Name\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Premiere Pro\12.0\logs


      The crash happens like this: Program doesnt work, screen turns white implying it has frozen or crashed, I click  a few times and a box pops up saying the program is no longer responding.


      Ive tried waiting it out, ive tried updating and it worked for a day but now broke agian