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    I can't resize frame and object together proportionally and I can't drag and copy objects.




      more than one hour dealing with these problems:


      1) I can't simply drag and copy an object anymore

      2) I can't resize an object and its frame just selecting it. I can resize the frame only (not proportionally however, not matter how many keys I use!). Not the object it contains.


      I work with INDESIGN CC 2015 latest version (I have just updated) and on MAC OSX Yosemite 10.10.5


      I regret the money I spend every month to pay these programs.
      Every time I update them I have 1000 of problems.


      I don't even understand how to replace preferences as I don't know with what I should replace them. And sorry I may look stupid, but when you have to deal with stupid task this is what happens. I refuse to understand.

      Honestly this is such a dumb problem and it shouldn't exist on a first place. BAD BAD BAD ADOBE!