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    Stop from "Cutting" footage between IN & OUT points.

    mrecoco315 Level 1

      I'm going try and keep this civil as I've lost about 35 minutes of work... and this is not the first time this feature has boned me in an edit. This has hurt me so much more than it has ever helped me. (I'll get to it don't worry)


      Scenario: You have your I/O set on somewhere off screen on your timeline. You're working elsewhere, go to delete a clip but don't have it selected (for this example), or perhaps slip and hit delete on accident well... being so far down a timeline and being so close to that particular clip, unbeknownst to you, you've just cut the footage between your I/O points. Now, you continue editing for say, another 50+ changes... your history's cache surpasses its capability to remember that happening a long, long time ago... and your selects, your edit, your everything you did for 45 minutes in that section, whether it even be a singular shot it still is super annoying.


      For the love of Pete... HOW DO I TURN THIS FEATURE OFF??


      TLDR: How do I stop Premiere from cutting footage between I/O points on a timeline??