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    Start Scripting and Data Merging

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      I'm trying to automise a template for flyers, but I have no idea how to start.

      I design everyday about 30 flyers for different restaurants and they are quite similar, they just need to change:


      - Background Picture (Front and Back)

      - Website link (they all have the same font style, but it will change size according to how long the URL is)

      - Logo (It's another image in png with transparent background)

      - QR code (we have this information online)

      - Discount text (depending on the establishing this text would change)


      Is there a way to create a code, online perhaps, where I can make sure that all these info will combine and export a pdf through indesign?

      Please help me   I just need to know where to start, even for googling, because I've never worked with so massive production. So any videos, tutorials would be helpful, I have lynda as well.


      We have an internal admin, where I could upload all the information needed.