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    Blob in Flash line with Wacom

      I have had this issue ever since Flash CS3, but I now see it has persisted in Flash CS4 as well and I would like to see it resolved. When drawing with the brush tool, using a Cintiq 21UX, and also on a Tablet PC, under WinXP, I have been experiencing an intermittent blob at the beginning of brush strokes when pressure sensitivity is turned on. IT appears that Flash is registering 'full pressure' from the pen for a moment. I have attempted to fix it via the Wacom control panel by turning on/off practically every setting to no avail.

      The problem appears to get worse the longer I have Flash open. At launch, the problem is practically nonexistent. But as I work it starts to creep up until it appears on almost every stroke. It is immensely frustrating and disruptive to work flow. Closing Flash and re-opening the file sometimes makes the problem go away for a few minutes.

      I don't experience this issue in ANY other program, so I am led to believe it is a Flash specific issue. I have seen this issue crop up on several PC's using similar configurations of Flash CS3, CS4, Wacom Cintiq and/or Intuos tablets. All installations employ current versions of Adobe, Microsoft and Wacom software.