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    GREP first character of a chapter (after End Paragraph)

    elisabetd51242557 Level 1

      Good afternoon,

      I would like to auto-format the first character of the first paragraph of each chapter in order to apply a Drop Cap of 2-3 Lines height and a different font (or charachter style).

      -There are many short chapters in my text (and each chapter, as obvious, it is build from many paragraphs).

      -The text of all paragraphs (except the heading/title of every chapter) has the same style.

      -Between the heading and the first paragraph there is at least one ^p, sometimes two.




      I've been trying to found a proper way of autoformating it all day . I've played with the Drop Caps and Nested Styles but my nearest result is formating the first charachter of every paragraph as shown in the image below.

      nested style.jpg

      I guess paragraph GREP Styles might be the way. They work well if I apply them to the first character or every uppercase after a tab but they don't work at all when applying them to find the first charachter after the space in the beggining of each chapter (end of a paragraph).  ^p = \r in GREP, isn't it? Why is it not working at all?


      I'm looking forward to your answers. How would you autoformat it?


      Many thanks for your necessary help!