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    Custom Preflight Profile not catching Vector Ink Density Checks?

    AmybethMenendez Level 1

      Custom preflight profile, and Preflight profile only catches Images with Ink Density images, not Vector fills/ or strokes from Indesign or Illustrator. Obviously I want the ink density to be flagged in any state. Attached is also the file that I have been testing with and the preflght profile

      Dropbox - Ink Density Checks.pdf

      Dropbox - Preflight Jacket_Cover_v07.kfp

      Ink coverage is above 320%_2018Screen_Shot_2018-09-12_at_1_51_54_PM.png


      this is the the check I was trying to add and also the error that I was gettingfill error.pngnot.png