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    Issue timing animation

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      I just got the hang of some of the animation features in adobe indesign, but I got stuck a problem with timing my interactive menu.

      I have this animation that is triggered by a button (roll over). This should both move the button and several graphics with it. So i put "move to right" on all of the objects that I want to move and give way for a info screen about the rolled over button.


      The idea is to have several project-thumbnails, barely visible, and when you roll over them with the mouse the thumbnail expands and shrinks the other graphics aside. as well as fading in a text intro about the project.


      However. when i set my animations the do not all play at the same time, no matter how fast i set the duration of the animation. one of the graphics go much slower and flickers into place just, half a second later than the others.


      Made a screenrecording of the interaction. what attached



      what am I doing wrong?

      thanks in forehand!