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    Cross-Posted: Importing an index topic list from Word

    Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)
      I know I've seen something on this, but I can't seem to come up with the correct search terms to find it in a forum search.

      I'm about to do a short book with an index (my first "real" index), and the author is apparently preparing an index in Word. I know a Word-generated index won't help, but I thought there was a way to grab a list of topics from a Word doc. Is it as simple as placing the list in a new ID document and importing from the index panel?

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          Fred Goldman Level 3
          It is important to realize there are two aspects to an index.

          1) Topics

          2) Page References

          Topics have no relation to the text of the actual document. Topics can
          be imported from one InDesign document to another. Also, creating topics
          from a list of text is trivial. Just type all the words (or place them
          from a text document or Word doc) and then press Ctrl+A to select all of
          them and press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+[, then delete the text.

          Page references, however are not as simple. These have to be created at
          each place in the text where you want the page to be referenced it the
          index. This *can* in fact be done Word if you are using the text from
          the Word document.

          What you really have to watch out for is that when you want to create a
          page reference you have the "Reference" radio button selected in the
          index panel. Otherwise you will just be creating a topic. It is best to
          work with hidden characters turned on so you can see and make sure
          InDesign created an index marker in the text after you created your page
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            Oh Indexing!!! When I imported a word doc with a 1500-topic index (already created in word) into InDesign CC, that indexing information (i.e. topic list and references) travelled beautifully into the new InDesign doc and applied nicely to that document when I subsequently generated a fresh In Design index for that particular document.

            My issue is the need to import that index and apply the 1500 topics within it to a newly created InDesign document (of the same book) from my book designer.

            Thus far I can have the index menu open and available and have attempted to generate an index of the new document (hoping it would automatically find all instances of each topic within the text and do its indexing thing, like a 'list whole of document, whole of topic list 'find', 'reference' and 'generate' index kinda thing.

            Presuming that In Design was that clever, I asked it to 'generate Index', but all it does is give me a loaded cursor with only the 'INDEX' heading loaded.

            What am I missing? I thought I might have found the ultimate short cut, but it's looking more like I have to recreate all 1500 entries in the new In Design document.

            C'mon Adobe, I know you can do it! or have you??

            Picky Riki