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    lock icon not visible

    mark hilaryw90324012 Level 1

      The "lock" icon does not appear on many small objects, usually small text frames, within my layouts. When I mouse over them, there is no lock to click on, thus not a convenient way to unlock them. The lock icon does show up, however, in the Layers window. Thus I almost always go to the Layers window to unlock individual items. Or I can do an Unlock All on Spread or deselect the check box in Preferences > General > Prevent Selection of Locked Objects.


      I do not have this problem on any larger text frames or objects, just smaller ones. Typically I do not see the lock on Continued on/from boxes or on Vertical or Horizontal rules.


      This problem occurred immediately after I upgraded to InDesign CS6 (over 2 years ago). I just downloaded InDesign CC 2015 to see if it would resolve the problem, but it does not.


      Any help would be appreciated.