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    Re-useable form fields in InDesign CC?

    lithandriel Level 1

      I'm using InDesign CC to build evaluation/score type form-fills.


      I will be using this type form field repeatedly, and it will always need to have the same Properties (accept 2 numeric characters which fall within the 1-10 range).


      Right now, the only way I've been able to do this is to create the layout in InDesign CC, save as an Interactive PDF, open in Acrobat and adjust the Properties of the text field from there. And I have to do it to EACH text field...


      Is there a way to streamline this? I can't seem to access the field Properties menu from within InDesign. Maybe there is a way and I just haven't found it yet?


      My first thought was to make it an asset in a library with all of the correct Properties set. But can't find Properties in InDesign, nor asset libraries in Acrobat. What about field "Styles"? Such a thing? Anything?


      Any suggestions more experienced users have is greatly appreciated...