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    aligning large quotation marks with text

    Lindaholiner Level 1

      I am totally stumped. I am trying to create a text box with large left and right quotation marks on either side. I have tried formatting the quotation marks as a character style but can't get them to line up nicely with the text. I have also tried adding them as anchored text on either side. This may work for one text box but I want to create a style so all my text boxes are formatted the same. What am I missing?

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          Eric Dumas Adobe Community Professional


          It would help if you included the version of the software and OS you are using.

          I would consider :

          • Create a text frame with open quotes and format them and add object style  to control wrap around values
          • Create a text frame with closing quotes and format them, apply same Object Style as opening quotes
          • Create a text frame for your text, format the content with a Paragraph Style linked in an Object Style.
          • Place the Quotes where you need them (maybe experiment with anchoring them in the content text frame)
          • Place the whole lot in your CC Library
          • Drag a new one to your page every time you need one
          • paste/type your text in the content frame
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            Lindaholiner Level 1

            Thank you. I am using version 13.1 x 64.


            I have separate positioning styles for left and right quote relative to the text box. I wasn't sure how text wrap is going to help me. I love the idea of putting it into the CC Library. I'll see how that works. Thanks.