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    Can In Design handle big files from autocad?


      I have created some drawings in Autocad 2016. The drawings are not complicated but they have a lot of hatches which is

      driving up the number of objects and file sizes.


      I wanted to plot them as pdf and insert them into Serif PagePlus and the pdf part did fine. I can open the pdf's and they

      are a very good plot. However when I try and insert them into PagePlus the lines get messed up and half the text disappears.

      I am using the font Country Blueprint which comes with Autocad. Also, they are very slow to load into PagePlus and the

      program becomes very sluggish.


      I tried printing as a png files but those didn't come out very well.

      If I plot and insert the drawings without the hatches, they come in fine. I would like to use the hatches if I can.

      I wanted to attach one of the pdf's but got a message saying it was forbidden.


      Could InDesign handle those pdf's ?


      Any ideas?