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    Will InDesign be snappier if I store my working projects on an SSD drive instead of a 7200rpm HD?

    Christine Holzmann Level 1

      Hi all,


      I do a lot of catalogues and booklets in InDesign with LOTS of graphics and lots of transparency. Sometimes the backgrounds of projects that I am working on have multiple layers of transparencies which can cause slowdowns as well.


      At the end of last year I splurged on a beefed up iMac Pro with internal SSD drive and tons of RAM, REALLY hoping that it would dramatically speed things up in InDesign but I have been greatly disappointed as working in some of my projects is still painfully slow. I am wondering if this is because all of my projects are stored on an external Thunderbolt (1st gen) 7200RPM hard drive. If I go ahead and store all of my work projects on a Thunderbolt 3 SSD Drive instead, will this make a huge difference to the performance of InDesign? InDesign in ITSELF works great because it is running off my beefed up iMac Pro ... but it is the projects that I am working on that really impact the performance, and I think it is because they are stored on the 7200RPM drive.


      What are your thoughts?


      Thank you in advance for your help