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    button problem in flash

    SilentBob'secretfusion Level 1
      Hi, I am a FNG to flash, and am attempting to create a login screen. I have two layers. The first contains the below actionscript:

      function checkForm():Boolean {

      if (IN_email.text.length == 0) {
      lbl_email.text = "Please enter an Email Address";
      return false;
      if (IN_password.text.length == 0) {
      lbl_password.text="Please enter Password";
      return false;

      return true;
      function clickListener(evt_obj:Object):Void {
      var success:Boolean =checkForm();
      submit_button.addEventListener("click", clickListener);

      The second Layer contains the buttons/graphic effects/etc. Could someone tell me what I am doing wrong? The error messages are not appearing. :( Thanks.