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    I still can't get email notifications for posts in forums

    Tassos Anastasiou Level 1

      Hello forum experts,


      I still do not get email notifications in my local mail application from posts in the forums. I have posted before, people suggested things, I tried them but not luck. I can't give up, I need to make this work so I am trying one more time. So, here it is:


      The problem is that I do not get an email in my mailbox for posts in forums. I have tried everything in this Q&A/help post: https://forums.adobe.com/docs/DOC-7042#jive_content_id_Following__Email_Notifications


      Here is the previous post asking for help: Can not find out how to turn on email watches or how to update email address


      Can someone please help? I know it is possible because other people I know have this working. Thanks.


      Tassos Anastasiou