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    [AS][CS3] word rtf import preferences

    allisonblake Level 1

      Good morning everybody!

      Is it possible to script (with applescript, it's all I know!) to map styles from MS Word (or RTF) to InDesign.

      Obviously, you can do this manually, or you can set a default import preference, but can you use a script to either set the default import options or define the mapping?

      I can't seem to find anything in the dictionary that looks like it might be relevant and the sample script on import preferences doesn't address presets.




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          [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

          For javascript, it's called "WordRTFImportPreference" (and its helpful Help string tells me this is "Word RTF import preferences." ...).

          It's a property of the application: Application.wordRTFImportPreferences.


          It should have been in there somewhere, but I can't find any reference to style mapping or presets -- so apparently, these cannot be scripted.

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            ukzembla Level 1

            Does anyone happen to know if this has changed in the last (nearly) decade? I'm hoping to import styles from several Word docs with literally hundreds of junk styles, and want to map all character styles to [none] and para styles to a single style.

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              S Hopkins Adobe Community Professional


              My script Place Microsoft Word_Style.scpt includes the following handler for setting RTF import preferences. Written originally for InDesign 5 and 5.5, it still works today:


              (*Sets preferences for importing Microsoft Word RTF format*)

              on mWordImportPrefs()

                tell application "Adobe InDesign CC 2018"

                tell word RTF import preferences

                set convert bullets and numbers to text to false

                set convert page breaks to none --can be page break or column break

                set remove formatting to false

                set import endnotes to true

                set import footnotes to true

                set import index to true

                set import TOC to true

                set import unused styles to false

                set preserve graphics to true

                set resolve character style clash to resolve clash use existing

                set resolve paragraph style clash to resolve clash use existing

                set use typographers quotes to true

                --note: the following are valid if remove formatting is set to true

                --set convert tables to Unformatted Table --can be Unformatted Tabbed text

                --set preserve local overrides to true

                end tell

                end tell

              end mWordImportPrefs


              Since you want to set all paragraph styles to a single style and character styles to none, you might want to just set remove formatting to true and preserve local overrides to false.


              Shirley W. Hopkins