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    Getting path data from a linked EPS file


      Is there any way to extract shapes used in an EPS file within an InDesign document using scripting without needing to parse the EPS file? I need to convert thousands of InDesign files into another format and the format needs to include the vector shapes that are in the EPS file. If this can't be done in InDesign directly, is there a way to have the script open illustrator from InDesign and use illustrator to extract the shapes?

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          Manan Joshi Adobe Community Professional

          I doubt if this can be done in InDesign without parsing the file, however i would suggest you to take a look at BridgeTalk that is used for communication between Adobe applications. One of the threads that i found interesting and could help you is mentioned below, have a look

          How to get result from BridgeTalk message?



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            Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Hi Dean,

            what app generated the EPS files?

            Does any of the EPS files contain live text?



            1. Complex shapes cannot be copied over from Illustrator to InDesign.

            2. If the EPS files contain a mix of color spaces color conversion must take place if you are able to open the files in Illustrator.

            Illustrator can only do one color space at one time.




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              deanw96708687 Level 1

              The EPS files were generated in illustrator and they do not contain text. The EPS files are CMYK colorspace.

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                Mike Sofa Level 3

                Dean, you didn't mention the platform you are on. If you are using a Mac, you could try this applescript:


                display dialog "Select 1 vector link to have matching art pasted."

                tell application "Adobe InDesign CC 2018"

                  tell active document

                  set linkPath to (file path of item link of all graphics of selection)

                  set geoBounds to geometric bounds of selection

                  set avgXpos to ((item 4 of geoBounds) + (item 2 of geoBounds)) * 0.5

                  set avgYpos to ((item 3 of geoBounds) + (item 1 of geoBounds)) * 0.5

                  set objAG to all graphics of selection

                  select objAG

                  set horScale to horizontal scale of selection

                  set verScale to vertical scale of selection

                  end tell

                end tell

                tell application "Adobe Illustrator"

                  set user interaction level to never interact

                  open linkPath

                  set selection to every page item of document 1


                  tell document 1

                  close without saving

                  end tell

                  set user interaction level to interact with all

                end tell

                tell application "Adobe InDesign CC 2018"



                  set vectorArt to selection

                  set artID to id of selection

                  set scaleMatrix to make transformation matrix with properties {horizontal scale factorhorScale / 100), vertical scale factorverScale / 100)}

                  transform vectorArt in pasteboard coordinates from center anchor with matrix scaleMatrix

                  set geoBounds2 to geometric bounds of selection

                  move vectorArt to {avgXpos, avgYpos}

                  move vectorArt by {(-((item 4 of geoBounds2) - (item 2 of geoBounds2)) * 0.5), (-((item 3 of geoBounds2) - (item 1 of geoBounds2)) * 0.5)}

                end tell


                (The frowny faces are supposed to be forward slashes, meaning "divided by")