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    Interactive PDF popup issues


      I'm experiencing a large amount of mouse click work for my particular project.


      I've got a PDF form where users can enter input and a glyphicon for more information that when clicked, displays a modal covering the entire pdf with the details specific to that icon.


      I'm receiving all sorts of mixed results, from a complete success to the popup appearing under select input fields and to be honest, the list of visibility in the "Buttons and Forms" section won't allow you to expand so it's a rather large headache to test then see what wasn't clicked.


      I had attempted to create one vail, or overlay to sit under all the content, but it seems that InDesign does not respect the layering order in the layers panel when exported otherwise I'd not be seeing these broken results. If they button is selected to be "Hiden until triggered" it should stay hidden and when called, come to the front of the document, much like z-index in css. But it doesn't and it seems you have to select everything under the sun to be hidden for visibility for each and every button that triggers a popup. Seems a bit excessive.


      Does anyone have any ideas as to why or how to workaround? I'd have this made as a web form in no time but this particular application, I have to make a PDF.