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    Adding object, table and cell styles to CC Libraries

    hericdehon Level 1

      Is it possible to add Object, Table and Cell styles to CC Libraries?


      Why that "cloud+arrow" icon doesn't apear in pannels? Am I doing something wrong?

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Those attributes cannot be directly added to CC Libraries. They are only used in InDesign.


          However, if you select objects in an InDesign file, and drag them to a CC library, you create a "Graphic." It is saved in two formats: (1) It save an InDesign snippet. If you drag the graphic to another InDesign file, the snippet will "reconstitute" itself into the same InDesign objects.


          The InDesign "graphic" is also saved as a PDF file which can be viewed and printed in another application (e.g., Illustrator).


          Original file with Object Style:




          I dragged the frame to the Graphics Test CC Library. Click on the menu under the + icon and choose Graphics to pick the right attributes to copy


          Then I dragged it into a new file (shown below):



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