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    Animate CC drawing bug for Windows 10 Tablet PC users.

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      Animate CC has a serious bug pertaining to all Tablet PC devices using Windows 10, whenever you start to draw you will receive a lag that draws a straight line from where you started to put your pen down to wherever your stylus is at the time the lag is complete.

      I would like to start by showing how real and sever this bug has been to the Animate CC community by referring to past forums I have found regarding this very same issue that goes back as far as 2013. All these posts are by the various professional users who are not able to use Animate CC properly on their tablet PC device. Many of these users (including me) need to use Animate CC as a source of income. Please take a look.





      https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/surface/forum/all/adobe-flash-professionalanimate-cc-b rush-stroke/292e31f4-5e35-4a14-a227-385317cf0781


      https://www.reddit.com/r/Surface/comments/5zba7h/ive_read_everywhere_that_animate_cc_doesn t/deyn7fd/

      https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/surface/forum/surfpronew-surfupdate/new-surface-pro-dr awing-bug-straight-lines-bug-in/d4e73726-c1a2-464e-a37c-20a707f6c265



      From what I can tell this issue is part Microsoft windows Ink's doing and part Adobe's doing. Microsoft released their Windows Ink update a few years back which did not sit well with many Adobe users. Over time Adobe has been able to accommodate this change by Microsoft, but has not yet solved all the issues for Adobe Animate CC leaving it's users wondering why there is no fix and resorting to reverting back to Windows 7 or abandoning Animate CC altogether for other animation packages. It's been very frustrating using Animate CC to draw because of the initial drawing line bug for many tablet users. For Adobe developers working on AnimateCC, I'll tell you everything I know in hopes of making this your top priority. The below image contains blue circles that I drew to demonstrate the issue. I'm using the absolute latest version of AnimateCC and Windows 10.  This issue persists on AES, N-Trig and EMR devices. So yes, Surface Book users will experience all these pains when trying to use Animate CC. I circled the problem areas in red which are essentially the initial start to the drawing of the circles. Ironically the red circles are also warped due to this bug. Keep in mind that I'm a professional artist and drawing circles is common practice for me. Pay notice unintentional lines that are created from my brushstrokes.


      Below are some more circles but drawn with Adobe Photoshop CC on the same machine to show you the difference.

      Let's look deeper into this issue. A big clue is that Windows uses screen holds to simulate right clicks. Below you can see this in action and how it relates to the issue. The radial matches up with the initial drawing line. Keep in mind that with Hold Right clicks turned on I am NOT able to draw until I cross that radial threshold.  You are not able to see it in the below animation but I am scribbling inside that radial circle during the time it looks like my cursor is frozen in the center. Only When I leave the radial area does my line begin to pick up.


      Now lets turn off Hold To Right Click

      Just like previously, when the below cursor animation freezes I'm actually scribbling around a bit before I leave that now invisible radial area (at which point I'm not able to draw) and the drawing picks up with that straight line. If you are thinking in your head "this guy is claiming he can't draw dots or tiny circles" then you are correct.


      but let's go ahead an turn on that Microsoft legacy patch that everyone's been talking about for photoshop (which is not needed currently with Photoshop CC). Then restart flash

      what seems to be happening in the animation below is that the radial area seems to have gotten a lot smaller (maybe 1/5 the size) but still receiving the line drawing lag.



      The faster you draw the more obvious and large that lag line becomes so the patch doesn't really fix much.


      Below is just demonstrate how consistently bad this bug is. This is me trying to draw semi-circles. Red AnimateCC / Black Photoshop



      Please, please, please fix this bug as I need to make a living animating using AnimateCC. I have been a loyal Animate CC user for many years and have integrated Animate CC into many great projects. I do not wish to leave Animate CC and begin working with a new package, but unfortunately, I don't have much of an option at this point.


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          Preran Adobe Employee

          Am checking with the team and will get back to you as soon as I have a  response.




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            So magically after multiple formats and countless hours, I was able to get the stylus working properly on Adobe Animate CC using the Samsung Notebook 9 Pro laptop! The main issue is that the Samsung drivers that you are asked to install seem to interfere with the way the stylus works with Animate CC.  What I did to make sure that my Notebook 9 pro worked properly is:


            1)     Format Windows 10 and start from scratch.

            2)     Let Windows 10 Automatically update all the drivers that it finds

            3)     Download Samsung Update but DO NOT install all the drivers. (The download from their website wouldn't run properly, and told me that I do not have permission to install that software even though I am Admin, so I contacted support and they sent me a link to some other version of Samsung Update that does work, The file is named "SamsungUpdate_2.2.9.42",  but don't have the link).

            4)     Install only the important drivers and anything else that is NOT pen related drivers. The only obvious useful drivers that I needed were the drivers for the keyboard backlight and chipset drivers.


            Sorry, I couldn't be more detailed in the setup instruction, but the main point is to not install any Samsung pen drivers. I also uninstalled the Samsung Update application afterward in fear that it will automatically update the stylus bug back into my laptop.  I'm not sure exactly what the issue is, but I noticed that one time after installing the Samsung pen drivers, "Windows 10 pen Flicks" were turned on my machine, even though they were deprecated from Windows 10. Due to this, I had no way of turning off Window Flicks and they were definitely causing issues. I didn't want to try finding a Windows registry fix so I formatted my Windows 10 and avoided installing any pen related drivers and it worked!  I hope this helps everyone who is an Animate CC user and owns a "Notebook 9 pro". I imagine a similar solution would be for other devices that are experiencing the same issues. A huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I finally get a chance to use Animate CC on the go again ( All the new Animate CC features are really great btw! I love the revamp!! ).

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              Preran Adobe Employee

              Thank you for taking time to share your solution here. It should help other users with a similar issue.




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                I'm having the exact same issue on Dell Latitude 3590 computers, using Huion Inspiroy H430P tablets. I don't think that the samsung fix will work for me. Adobe, is there something else that I might be able to do to get this issue fixed? I'm teaching adobe programs in Middle school and they would love to learn animate but they get very frustrated when this issue arises. Whatever you guys can do to help would be hugely appreciated.


                Thank You,