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    Login Form Wizard Issues

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      I'm having some issues with the Login form wizard. My page displays ok, but when I enter the username and appropriate password, I get and error message on submit. The error is as follows:

      tNG_login.executeTransaction - execute sql
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          Me too!!

          My error message is:

          Class not defined:'tnG-FormValidation'
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            Same here. I get the exact same trace. The line "AFTER.Trigger_Login_CheckLogin*" is highlighted in red.

            I am trying to tie into an existing user table that uses encrypted passwords.

            Anyone have any ideas?
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              Make sure you have published all your files to your testing environment. Sometime that will do it.

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                Done that. No change.

                My database guy says the existing encrypted passwords are "non-reversible MD5". Is there a way to tell DW which encryption method is being used? I noticed in the KT_common.asp that it looks like it can handle several flavors, or options, of the MD5 schema. But, I don't see anywhere to select, or change those options. I tried a few mods to the KT_common.asp file, but that just created other problems. So, I reverted back to the original.

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                  More info.

                  The encrypted hex value that ADDT is returning is only 32 characters long. Our existing database has hex values of 40 characters long. Is there anyway to tell ADDT what size the encrypted password sould be?

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                    Hi all.

                    I´m new with this, but I have manage to update our website.
                    And I as well as the rest of you are having trouble with the login page. I have made a DB with Microsoft Acess 2007, placed it in the rigth folders and so on. But when I´m to login I get the message "invalid password" and the Error Login window popsup.

                    tNG Execution Trace - VIEW
                    tNG_login.executeTransaction - execute sql
                    AFTER.Trigger_Login_CheckLogin* (this in highlighted red)

                    Could anyone guide me througt this problem???
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                      I am also having this same issue. I was able to reset password with the Forgot_Passowrdphp page, but it also did not work. I also think it has to do with the encryption. I am going to test a non-encrypeted build and see if it works.

                      Also, I have yet to get the User Registration Wizard to produce a working registration. The page takes a very long time to do anything after submitting the information and then just times out. I do notice that it connects and processes the info to MySql, but fails to send a email or allow access to the pages.

                      Since so many are having issues with the Developers Toolbox, I am guessing it is the problem. Many have used this for years and just now having issues when using the Adobe version.
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                        Ok, I tested it without password encryption on and everything worked great. So, it has to do with interaction with my MySql db. I sure hope someone figures it out since non-encrypted passwords is a not going to fly.
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                          Now I have allso changed the login settings to not enq. password. But when I´m trying to login the redirection page the suppose to pop up doesn´t instead the browser takes me to a blank page were explorer gives me the error message "website couldn´t be found"

                          Does any of you have a idea what I have made wrong???
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                            Make sure you have manually uploaded all the pages. I also had that issue and still think it was the encryption errors that caused the issue. So, if you still have errors then maybe it is stilll missing pages or not all of them are up to date.
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                              mohnkhan Level 1
                              <%<br /><br />'Make a transaction dispatcher instance<br />Dim tNGs: Set tNGs = new tNG_dispatcher<br />tNGs.Init ""<br />%><br /><br />tNGs.Init "../" <br />The above line ... change it to.... if the file login.asp is kept in some folder.<br /><br />if its ASP just check the above lines.<br /><br />and please check the SQL field types if you have appended other fields to the <your_login_users> table.<br /><br />if it has one invalid of some kind of funny field type u get <br />result for SELECT STUPIDFIELD + GOODGIELDS.... and select field as ZERO records.....<br /><br />bcos one field is not right this is especially true for mysql<br /><br />signed <br />mohnkhan<br />http://www.mohitech.com
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                                Hi all -
                                I am trying to build a login page that uses the encrypted passwords, and have suffered problems that some of you have also experienced. To generate a new password I use the "forgotton" password option which correctly assigns me a new password, but when I try to login using these details I get the following: AFTER.Trigger_Login_CheckLogin*

                                I have checked the DB field and what I guess is the encrypted password (32 characters)has been added, but I cannot login in with the password it gave me! Within ADDT Login is a Random Key element, how do I use this? I have created a field in my SQL DB and for this but it is blank. Also if you remove the "encryped" tick box from the Login settings then everything works fine.

                                Could anyone out there that has got this to work successfully perhaps help me get up and running?

                                many thanks
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                                  Scott, I have still not found the answer to this and Adobe has never responded to my questions.

                                  You are correct when you state that it only happens when you remove the check from "encryped".

                                  Sorry I could not help. Hopefully someone will answer within now and the end of the world. I would hate to die not knowing why this happened, lol!
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                                    Hi Triel,
                                    Ok....I have it all working, including the forgot passwords etc.

                                    I ticked use encryption, and assigned the field in my DB as my Random Key (I set this to 50Char).

                                    I then manually updated all of the includes.

                                    I manually added a user to the db, then tried to login - it failed. I then requested a new password through the forgot password form and this time it worked with the new password - however, it only encrypted the password field.

                                    I then built a registration page and created a new user that way, I noticed that the password field and the blank field I had assigned as the "key" field were both being populated, and I could log in with the password I assigned on the registration page.

                                    I am not sure if any of this helps, but am more than happy to impart anything we have done to help.


                                    p.s. If anyone from Adobe who may "accidentally" come across this forum and feels that THEIR customers are not getting the support that they deserve - then they would be absolutely right. I cannot believe the shocking way in which we are being treated - I have never come across such poor support.
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                                      Hi all,
                                      I have (another) problem with the Login form - I have not been able to ever get the "remember me" checkbox feature to work. Has anyone got this to work?

                                      Obviously incorrectly I was expecting to see some sort of "response.cookies" entry - but cant find anything.

                                      Any help would be appreciated.

                                      Many thanks
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                                        mohnkhan Level 1
                                        Hi Scott McClean,
                                        as you said the same problem I have with my login too, well as far as adobe support is concerned it sucks. Sorry you people from adobe but its true.
                                        yes the remember me feature doesnt seem to work for me too.

                                        Now for your problems with login, please check the following.. incase u have the same problem again.
                                        check if ur database fields are right.
                                        and first decide to use encyption or not.
                                        the password saved is md5 encryption
                                        incase u want to manually generate md5 passwords then use xhttp://www.miraclesalad.com/webtools/md5.php
                                        to manualy generate md5 passwords, please make sure no leading and trailing blank spaces to avoid hazzles.

                                        again update all ur include folders from the control panel of ADDT.

                                        about this remmber me feature i will try it out later since its only a perk..

                                        Just have alook at the old www.interaktonline.com/ or google it out with SITE:www.interaktonline.com keyword to get help for yourself.

                                        becos it has lots of usefull information..
                                        its a shame as www.interaktonline.com had excellent support
                                        I BOW to them for the support the provided.
                                        I am myself not a full fledged web application developer. I am an embedded engineer, but building modules to connect certain components in my Company's ERP package to our custom products etc.,

                                        Incase mine starts working before you, I will post my solution here.
                                        Sorry no spell checker used...

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                                          Thanks Mohnkhan,
                                          I will take a look at the Interakt site. I have got all of the encryption etc working (it took ages to figure it out!!), it is now just the "remember me" box. I would be really keen to know if you get it working!

                                          Thanks again for taking the time to respond it is appreciated.

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                                            Hello Mohnkhan ,
                                            We have cracked the "remember me" issue using the Login Form Wizard. If you or anyone else are interested this is how we did it:

                                            Firstly we inserted the following under the end of the "Login Transaction Instance" - it seems that the placement of this code is important(!):

                                            if (cStr(Request.Form("kt_login1"))<>"") then
                                            if (cStr(Request.Form("kt_login_rememberme"))<>"") then
                                            Response.Cookies("UserName") = cStr(Request("kt_login_user"))
                                            Response.Cookies("UserName") = ""
                                            end if
                                            today = DateAdd("d",30, Date())
                                            Response.Cookies("UserName").Expires = today
                                            end if

                                            Then on the "Checkbox" we removed the following line of code:
                                            <%If (CStr((KT_escapeAttribute(rscustom.Fields.Item("kt_login_rememberme").Value))) = CStr("1")) Then Response.Write("checked=""checked""") : Response.Write("")%>

                                            And replaced with: <%if (cstr(Request.Cookies("UserName"))<>"")then Response.Write("checked")%>

                                            Then on the username text box (KT_LOGIN_USER) we replaced:


                                            with this line:

                                            This is working well, the cookie is being created, and now the username is being properly displayed in the "username" box when the site is revisited.

                                            Thanks again for your help.

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                                              mohnkhan Level 1
                                              Thanks Scott ur suggestions work..

                                              just some comments..

                                              http://www.interaktonline.com/Support/Knowledgebase/Technote/Details/48/69/Remember+Me+fea ture+does+not+work.html

                                              have a look at this when you have time..
                                              its funny..

                                              bcos it looks like its a gotcha.....
                                              means works as advertised or documented
                                              it does not work as expected.

                                              I should thank you for your help tooo..

                                              just one comment ..
                                              whenever we try to use user input.. anywhere directly or indirectly
                                              try using
                                              to avoid SQL injection kind of attacks..

                                              my application is intranet only...... so it shouldn't matter much to me.

                                              Thanks again and yet again

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                                                Eu estava com o mesmo problema




                                                Alterei o tamanho do campo (password) na tabela para Varchar(40)


                                                Não deu mais erro


                                                abraço a todos


                                                Fabiano Spada