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    Trying to change password...

    KshDi13 Level 1

      I log into adobe with my adobe ID and password to change my password. I go into account details and change password where it asks for current password and new password and the new password retyped. however i annoyingly get incorrect current password. i just logged into adobe with my Adobe ID and password that you now say is incorrect. I've tried multiple times and even copy and pasted form same source into both login field and current password field (so identical) and still no joy. Logs into account okay, but cannot change password because current password is incorrect.


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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Are you talking about the Creative Cloud app or the forums?

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            I'm trying to reset mine via the website and had a lot of difficulty with the requirement to not use letters that are in your email address.


            This is a really dumb rule.  If anything it's actually less secure if the bad actor knows your email, which would probably be available in a database compromise, as they would be able to limit the character set used to generate random passwords to brute force the login.


            Beyond that it's incredibly frustrating as people can have emails containing many characters and to limit specifically based on characters used and not some sort of regular expression to see if entire portions of the email are used, i.e. before the @, doesn't make any sense to me.


            Did you guys let the interns vote on a rule or something?