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    Better control over the creation of thumbnails

    eokorie Community Member
      While i have nothing against the current method of generating thumbnails with ADDT, I feel we need better controls as to how our thumbnails are created. By all means, the current option of generating thumbnails on the fly can remain, but I feel we need a tab on the image upload behaviour that allows us the developers to determine how our thumbnails are created.

      This will mainly happen during the image upload process. For example, in order to get uniform thumbnails, a developer could decide that he wants to crop his thumbnails to a certain size so that they can look good in a gallery. This i feel will come in pretty handy for those who are using Spry to create a photo gallery. At the moment, the one way you can create thumbnails on upload is to create a custom trigger and enter the required code to be executed after the file has been uploaded.

      So this feature will be welcomed i feel by many who are not too happy with the current method of generating thumbnails.