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    Uploading large file (10mb) using "file upload"?

      I have tried two ways of uploading a video to the database:

      1. add it to the registration, using the file upload behaviour.

      2. create a update record form with a single file form, and add the file upload behaviour.

      The problem is, I have the file upload size set to 60mb.

      The file I choose is 10mb. (extensions are correct)

      Both ways, when I click the submit record button, the page status bar says "sending request to www.sexyexoticjobs.com", then after about a minute the page reloads with a new form.

      The file has not been added to the database, and nothing has been added to the upload folder.

      When I upload it using the "registration form", not only does the video NOT get upload, but neither does the rest of the form.

      If I:

      1. do not include a video on the registation

      2. choose a significantly smaller video (1mb)

      the form completes successfully.

      The question is then, how do I upload a larger video (10mb), when the max is set at 60mb? It doesn't make sense...

      Do I need to change a server or database setting?


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          Günter Schenk Level 4
          Hi Scott,

          what does the remote server´s "max_execution_time" say ? It may well be that your 10 MB file won´t get uploaded because the server´s PHP settings are just too stingy in this context -- and considering your "choose a significantly smaller video" test I strongly assume that uploading a 10 MB file exceeds the current "max_execution_time" value.

          Günter Schenk
          Adobe Community Expert, Dreamweaver