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    Check Old Password Trigger: UPDATEPASS_NO_RECORD - solved

      I'm attempting to create a page where users can update their password with a new one of their choosing.

      To make to the page for users to update their password:
      - I applied the Update Record Form Wizard, that updates the table with my user information (id, email, encrypted password, etc).
      - I set the primary key equals condition to match the kt_login_id session variable.
      - I included the email and password fields to be updated.

      When I test the page and submit a known email/password combination along with the new desired password I receive the following error:

      Specified record does not exist. (UPDATEPASS_NO_RECORD)

      Can anyone can point me in the right direction?



      UPDATE: I've since found the cause of the error. The problem wasn't with the implementation. Rather that Firefox had a invalid session cached, so when I'd log in and attempt to update the password, I received the updatepass_no_record message. I discovered that the problem was not occurring in Internet Explorer. This lead me to simply clear Firefox's cache and try again. The change password page then worked as expected in Firefox as well. :-)

      Perhaps this post can be useful to anyone else who encounters the same problem.