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    Help with script to export snippets from InDesign

    larryp22136904 Level 1



      I have a script that will export snippets, but I can't get it to open a dialog box so I can pick which folder I want to save the snippet to.


      I would appreciate any help and/or advice.




      Here is what I have so far.


      var myFile = File(0); 


      if(app.selection.length > 1){ 

         var myObj = app.activeWindow.activePage.groups.add(app.selection); 

          myObj.exportFile(ExportFormat.INDESIGN_SNIPPET, myFile, false); 



          app.selection[0].exportFile(ExportFormat.INDESIGN_SNIPPET, myFile, false); 

          app.selection[0].exportFile(ExportFormat.INDESIGN_SNIPPET, ("C:/Desktop/SnippetTest + idms